Planning Your Project

Getting started on a new web project is no small task!

Planning your project is much more manageable when everything has been considered ahead of time. To best assist you throughout the web project process, we are providing these basic guidelines to use as you prepare to initiate a new web project with our team.

Web Project Planning Guide

This project planner has been created to help you think about your web project and aid us in understanding your exact requirements.

Before you submit a request, consider:

  • What is the desired timeline for the project?
  • Information about your current website or related web presence.
  • What is it that your group does? What are the key features of the service or product you provide?
  • Is this a redesign or enhancement of an existing website or a brand new website?
  • If you are redesigning, what are the reasons? [examples: new business model, outdated look, new branding, new technologies needed]
  • Are there examples of products you like and dislike? Why?
  • What is the target audience of the website?
  • What is your message?
  • What interactivity does the website require (search, members area, forums, blog)
  • What media and aesthetics elements does the site require?
  • Is the site intended to be used to take online payments or donations?
  • What imagery will it contain? Where will that come from?
  • Are there external services that might be desirable to add in?